Liquid Knowledge Group Awarded GSFIC Contract - 11.29.2006

The State of Georgia awarded the Liquid Knowledge Group a contract to develop employee competency models and supporting curricula for employees in the Georgia State Financing & Investment Commission.

The program, once completed, will provide employees with a professional development curriculum linked to skill and knowledge requirements for the job. The GSFIC is also partnering with the Liquid Knowledge Group to leverage an existing performance management system investment to administer the program.

About Liquid Knowledge Group
The Liquid Knowledge Group is a full service knowledge strategy firm that provides production and consulting services to Fortune 500, State and US Government organizations. We're a veteran-owned, small business and serve clients throughout North America.

Our goal is to design and implement programs, processes and technology for our clients that facilitate knowledge transfer between employees, intellectual assets and their customers. The key is to develop conduits between these three pools of knowledge within your organization. We believe that a sound knowledge continuity strategy, integrated with supporting systems, will drive change within an organization. Consequently, the change drivers will evolve business objectives and organizational capabilities to provide products and services with a high marketplace value today and into the future.


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