General Mills and Publix partner with Liquid Knowledge Group to develop a Speed Racer © promotional web site - 9.15.2008

Genernal Mills and Publix supermarkets partnered with the Liquid Knowledge Group to develop a web site for their Race to the Movies consumer web site, promoting the Speed Racer movie on various General Mills products in Publix stores. They were looking for a creative way to have consumers enter promotional codes from the product boxes in order to receive a pair of moive tickets. LKG collaborated with the clients to develop a visual theme for the site, that captured the look and feel of the Speed Racer movie.

LKG developed and hosted a secure web site the provided a means for the consumer to accumulate codes in their account towards the award. Once the award level was attained, the consumer was directed to the another secure site that issued the tickets. The web site also provided the clients with real time reporting so they could track consumer activity.

About Liquid Knowledge Group
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