The Liquid Knowledge Group can partner with your organization to design and implement a strategy to curb the knowledge loss in your organization. Most importantly, we will work with you to not only capture the knowledge you have, but show you how to leverage and grow it, even if there is turn over of your most skilled employees. In addition, we will help identify the critical skills needed to provide the services and products your customers expect, and then develop your employees by designing programs and processes that leverage your organization's knowledge assets.


We'll listen to you and the goals you are trying to achieve, and collect data to benchmark current organizational practices.


We'll help you identify key stakeholders and align your initiative with your organization's strategic goals. In addition, we will help you design a strategic road map and implementation plan that is realistic and within your budget.


During this phase we'll bring the best talent together to fully staff or supplement your existing staff and make your initiative a success. Each project is designed and managed to meet your needs.


We realize that each client's culture is unique, so we will work with you, and key stakeholders, to measure and get the desired results by using industry accepted best practices.


Your organization can not grow a relationship if knowledge is not transferred between you and your partners or your customers. Our mission is to provide our clients with the skills, processes and tools so that they can continuously improve their knowledge assets and ultimately, improve organizational performance.